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Twitter mailbag: Randy Orton return, Seth Rollins' future, Brock Lesnar WWE contract, Stardust, more!

It's a slow news day, what with the Super Bowl tomorrow and all the focus on the NFL, so we decided to jump back into the Twitter Mailbag game. It's quite simple, really. Follow us on Twitter (here), send us questions when prompted, and we'll answer them here. Easy peasy, right?

Let's hit it.

Frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't already. I would assume he'll be part of Triple H's big announcement next week on Raw. Considering how hot he was when he left after breaking free of The Authority to go after Rollins, I would assume that's the plan when he comes back.

Ray Stevens and Kevin Nash at the very least but outside of that, I don't have the slightest inkling. Really, do we even care? With the advent of the WWE Network, I'm good with putting literally everyone in just so we can get those red carpet events and the full broadcast of the ceremony.

You know, when The Shield were about to break up, I never would have bought in to the idea that he would be the guy to turn heel and buddy up with The Authority to become one of the top guy's in the promotion. Now, looking back, I can't believe I didn't think that.

That's how good he's been.

So it wouldn't' surprise me in the slightest if he was WWE world heavyweight champion, or just won the Royal Rumble.

You know what would be awesome? If Kane retired.

I don't think it matters either way. They never bothered to flesh out the Stardust character. Who is he and what is his motivation? We're how many months in now and those two questions are still unanswered. That's why no one cares.

Let's assume he goes right back to being Cody Rhodes... is anyone going to care then either? He can work, and maybe he'll have some great matches with fellow mid-carders fighting over the Intercontinental title, but that's about as far as I can see him going.

A better chance, yes, but the UFC and Bellator have deep pockets they aren't going to be shy about digging way down into. Lesnar was a monster draw for the UFC and with the pay-per-view numbers they posted in 2014, they badly want to bring him back in for a fight with Frank Mir before Mir retires. Bellator, meanwhile, is trending up and hopes to compete with UFC sooner rather than later. They're loaded and if Brock wants legitimate competition and is okay with settling for second best, he'll make plenty of cash doing so.

The entire Patriots organization is the heel but Seattle isn't really the right babyface to go up against them. Russell Wilson is Bo Dallas. Marshawn Lynch is a solid anti hero for entitled old white dudes who hate that he won't play their game and is rich and successful despite that fact. Richard Sherman works better as a heel.

The Seahawks are trying to work the "no one believes in us" gimmick, which is complete bullshit, all things considered. Really, you should just hate everyone involved here other than Lynch and Rob Gronkowski, who is so gloriously himself you have to love it.

I've tried to think of a perfect opponent for him to fade away with and I really feel like Sting best fits the bill of all available options. I say that because the story of their respective careers fits the bill not just with reality but with what WWE has already been pushing in its various documentaries and what not.

The better case scenario would have been for him to go out the same night Shawn Michaels did but it's too late for that.

This is a really good question. Bryan might actually be something like the Jon Fitch of WWE; he's good enough to be operating near the top and knocking off strong contenders for the top spot but he's not so good that he actually reaches the top spot himself. That presents a problem.

That said, the wrestlers and writers have to adjust to changing times. Bryan is not the reason Roman Reigns isn't getting over as a babyface. If the people loved Reigns, he would get over. It's really that simple.

Because they wanted to make him look strong.

Absolutely. How interesting is it to think that Reigns basically turned heel to a certain segment of the audience while Lesnar turned babyface to that same segment? Maybe WWE will be fine with letting one side of the fan base maintain the status quo while the other goes about their business the way they have been.

As long as they retain both sides, what does it matter?


I actually think the rumor going around of a multi man match makes sense. It's funny to think that the year after WWE does away with the Elimination Chamber concept there's no better time to break out the Elimination Chamber match.

Maybe Goldust vs. Stardust if those rumors are true. Sure hope not.

Do they really? Bray Wyatt seems to be doing just fine, as are Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The Shield all came from WWE's developmental promotion. Ryback is doing fairly well, as is Bad News Barrett. Paige has been booked incredibly well relative to the women's division.

I think this idea that there's some big issue with NXT guys on the main roster is one created by rumors that probably aren't true and supported by the few instances when certain guys don't get over.

I don't see why not, although there needs to be a drastic booking turnaround in Dean Ambrose's future.

Because he never got over every time they ever pushed him.

No, they should do it at Fast Lane. An Elimination Chamber match will never happen at a WrestleMania.

I think he does already, which is why he's allowed Triple H to run wild with it and make it the success it has become.

To my eyes, he already turned face. That in no way means breaking the streak was all for nothing. He's still losing the title to Reigns and that's going to put Reigns over as big as possible.

Plus, you have a major selling point for the Network/DVDs/future documentaries and what not.

The roster is nowhere near deep enough for that. They can't fill the three hours they have for Raw each week as it is.


Thanks for all the questions! Until next time.

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