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Patriots vs. Seahawks Super Bowl predictions from WWE stars

WWE is really laying it on with the NFL content, no?

Either way, Kofi Kingston, Brie Bella, and Jack Swagger were all asked to give their predictions for Super Bowl 49, which will see the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow night in Arizona. Their answers:

Kofi Kingston: "Who do I think is going to win? Let me tell you who I know is going to win. Behind the strong, mighty throwing hand of Tom Brady, the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl. Look at the performances, you know, in the last round. Let's be honest: Seattle probably shouldn't have won that game. They came back, they won, that's fair. New England: 45-7, dog; 45-7. You want to throw dirt on our name, you want to talk about Deflategate... is that the best that people can do? If you don't like us then just don't like us. Don't make up these tales about inflating your balls as if that had an effect on the game because 45-7, dog."

Brie Bella: My prediction for the Super Bowl this Sunday is the Seahawks and it's not because I'm biased and it's my husband's team, it's because Russell Wilson is amazing and honestly, he's young, he's aggressive. The Seahawks defense looks incredible."

Jack Swagger: As the current 2015 WWE superstar fantasy football champion, I have a little more influence you could say. Seattle will win 31-28 and you can count on that. We the people. Nah, man, I'm only here so I don't get fined."

Your prediction?

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