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Mick Foley joins the chorus of WWE fans pumped for more Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

After a couple of weeks of randomly teaming up, self-promotion on social media and a thorough vetting by the rumor milllast night's Smackdown felt like a coming out party for the Masters of the WWE Universe, the pairing of Tyson Kidd & Cesaro as an official tag unit.

Not only did they get some promo time and a win, but host Edge wore Cesaro's shirt (say what you will about E & C's schtick being dated - and, even as a card carrying Peep, I concede that it was - their attitude very much seemed to be about putting over younger acts).

We internet fans and Mr. Copeland will need to make some more room on the bandwagon.  In a Facebook post written after watching Smackdown, super-fan and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley jumped on board:


I know they've been teaming up for a few weks, but tonight's #Smackdown was the first time I've seen Tyson Kidd and Cesaro - WWE together as a tag-team, I know this may seem like a premature evaluation, but based soley on this one match, I am going to boldly predict that Kidd and Cesaro will be the #WWE tag team of the year for 2015. Remember, I'm the guy who boldly predicted that the waves of #SandowMania were going to one day crash down upon our shores...and so they have! Don't even try pointing to that double-loss on WWE Monday Night Raw either - because the legend of #SandowMania is going to outlive us all, daddy!

Sure, they were probably just thrown together by creative. But sometimes, that's how great teams are formed. Just ask Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, who were put together on a whim for the sake of a house show run in 1997, and became one of the most entertaining and successful units in pro-wrestling history.

Given the chance, and some time to gel, I see big things - and great matches - in this team's future. Holler if you hear me.

Is Mama Foley's baby boy backing another winner?  Will Cesaro & Kidd tag the tag division by storm - or even drag it out of the mid-card back to the lower-main event level it occupied in Edge & Christian's hey day?

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