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Clarification on the reasons for The Rock's unhappiness at the Royal Rumble

Basically, The Rock just doesn't like getting booed and being involved in a segment that completely backfired. Last minute script changes weren't directly to blame, other than the fact that they obviously didn't work.

Doesn't like getting booed.
Doesn't like getting booed.
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Yesterday, we reported that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was unsurprisingly upset with how his appearance to help his boy Roman Reigns win the 2015 Royal Rumble was greeted by fans in Philadelphia on Sunday night. All evidence suggests these rumors to be true.

Where our original story was somewhat erroneous was the suggestion that part of the reason for The Rock's unhappiness was last minute script changes that WWE implemented when they realised that a backlash to Daniel Bryan's planned elimination would be a bigger problem than they anticipated. Although such amendments did actually happen, they weren't the direct cause of Rock's displeasure, other than the fact that they didn't work. Basically, The Rock simply wasn't pleased that he got booed and was involved in a segment that completely backfired.

This misunderstanding was cleared up on Dave Meltzer's subscriber only podcast earlier today when he was asked in his mailbag what script changes were made that The Rock was particularly unhappy about:

"It wasn't the changes in the Rumble, it was that he got booed and that he didn't realise what he was getting into. You know, he thought he would come back to this amazing reception and it didn't happen, so he was surprised. I think he didn't realise the lay of the land and I'm sure he's got other fish to fry. I don't think he realises what exactly is going on in WWE all the time."

Although you have to feel a degree of sympathy that WWE placed The Rock in the unenviable position that they did, it's also his job to be savvy enough to see a potential booby trap that has been laid in his path, which could damage his brand and popularity. He shouldn't be so completely oblivious to what's going on that he doesn't know that there were worries about Roman's readiness to be pushed to the top and that Daniel Bryan has much more appeal to hardcore fans today. His eyes have been well and truly opened now, so hopefully both he and WWE learns from this mistake.

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