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Watch WWE set-up John Cena vs. Rusev for WrestleMania 31 on the Royal Rumble post-show

Our man Randall Ortman brought it up in his Rumor Round-up this morning, and many of us watched it live on WWE Network last night while still trying to figure out what we'd just seen happen in the main event of Royal Rumble (for the second year in a row).

Now, it's out on the world wide web for everyone to see. In one of two post-show interviews that Tom Phillips conducts (Geno brought you the truly bizarre one with Rumble winner Roman Reigns and his cousin here), John Cena is putting over his opponents from the Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship match (a.k.a., the good main event from Royal Rumble '15) when he's cut off by United States Champion Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute rants in his native tounge - presumably about being the last man eliminated from the battle royal that closed the show - before he and Cena go forehead-to-forehead and have to be separated by a bunch of lower mid-card guys who just happened to be milling around the interview area.

It's interesting both for the feud it sets up and for how off their game Cena and the production staff seem to be. The latter gives a lot of credence to the thinking that everyone in WWE was shaken by the crowd revolt. You can here tech crew screaming to one another in the background as the shoot starts, and the normally unflappable face who runs the place seems a little distracted -weird especially since his match ended about an hour before this takes place.

As for Cena vs Rusev at WrestleMania should be a good, hard-hitting affair between two agile strongmen. And the 15 time World champ will be spending his second straight 'Mania working with an up-and-coming Superstar - something for which he and WWE deserve credit.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the match and feud aren't very much in doubt. For one thing, babyfaces tend to win on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and the company's top face of the last decade probably isn't getting beaten by their latest foreign menace at 31. And Cena is coming off a long program with Lesnar where he never got a clean pay-per-view (PPV) win, so he's overdue - at least in the eyes of the powers that be backstage.

What do you think of this build, Cagesiders? And are you excited for a hoss fight at WM 31, or scared of LOLCENAWINS ending Rusev's undefeated streak?

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