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Report: Justin Gabriel quits WWE

Gallo Images/Getty Images
Update: Gabriel has officially been released by WWE.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Justin Gabriel, a lower card wrestler for WWE who has made his home working curtain jerking matches on the likes of Main Event and Superstars, has quit the company.

The report states Gabriel did so "this weekend" but that further details are unavailable at this time.

After initially coming onto the main roster scene as a member of Nexus with a crazy over finisher, Gabriel faded into the background rather quickly once the group broke up. He had potential as a mid-card level babyface high flyer but never quite reached that level and, as stated, eventually settled into a regular role as a curtain jerker on the "C" and "D" shows.

WWE has yet to comment on the matter and Gabriel hasn't been active on social media for a number of days. We'll update when more information becomes available.

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