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Triple H: Sting was never in WWE because of me

In his weekly interview with Michael Cole, Triple H advances his storyline with Sting by claiming that he is the reason the Stinger never made his way to WWE throughout his illustrious career. It's not true, of course, but it adds an extra layer to an intriguing story that will almost certainly lead to a match between the two at WrestleMania 31.

"Sting, right, STING! It's all I hear from everybody now. All of a sudden, Sting is at the top of everybody's mind. This is the second time he sticks his nose in my business, right? Is it just me or can John Cena or anybody associated with him not win anything on their own? They always have to have somebody helping them. That's starting to be a problem for me. Sting is starting to be a problem for me, the second time now. The fisrt time, I kind of let it go. It was him trying to make a name for himself, trying to put himself on the map in a place he'd never been before. But now this time it's on me. I don't make a lot of mistakes, Cole, I think you see that. I don't make 'em very often and I damn sure don't make the same one twice.

"Sting wants to make a name for himself by coming after me? He's going to make the biggest mistake he's ever made in his life. He wants to know why he was never here in the WWE? You're looking at the reason why. He's going to find out why, and he's going to find out why the next time he sticks his nose in my business it will be the last thing he ever does."

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