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Mick Foley's compelling reason for WWE to book Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31

He was supposed to be taking a break from Facebook, but his desire to see a certain match at WrestleMania 31 this spring - and a chance to return to the hype train he successfully rode to his desired outcome at last year's big show in New Orleans - was too enticing a lure.

Mick Foley already made one pitch for Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar and now he's back on the 'Book doing it again.  He doesn't add much to his original plea, but he goes into more depth about what he thinks is so compelling about the showdown between the ultimate underdog and the biggest monster on the scene - that it will actually focus on the conflict between two wrestlers and not a bigger story arc.

Especially considering that most fans aren't buying into that larger angle anymore after control of the company changed twice in a month and three guys were fired and brought back within weeks...


It was two weeks i'll go that I said I was going to be taking a break from Facebook until after the ‪#‎RoyalRumble‬. After all, it was my comments surrounding the Rumble last year that altered my relationship with WWE in a not so positive way.. But it's the Rumble man - in my opinion, the second biggest event of the year, and in some ways the most fun and most meaningful. Of course, Wrestlemania is bigger - but if Mania is Christmas Day, the Rumble is like the beginning to that countdown to the most awesome day of the year, and depending on how well this event goes, many of us start thinking that ‪#‎Mania‬/Christmas is either going to rule... or suck, depending on the outcome of the Rumble.

This, then, is my Rumble wish for you. Quite simply, I want to see Daniel Bryan win the Rumble, so that Paul Heyman can take the reigns and dazzle us with promos which will make Bryan vs Lesnar the greatest David vs Goliath story in recent memory. The Authority can put their stamp on some other match on the card but I would love to see the WWE World Heavyweight championship be about the GUYS IN THE MATCH- and not about who is in power in the company. Besides, despite my sincere wish not to burn my bridge with WWE, making control of the company a central theme in this Mania is kind of like the boy crying wolf - given the magnitude of the stipulation at Survivor Series and the whopping five weeks for which it meant something.

During Daniel's nine month in ring absence, I think many of us have forgotten just how good he is from what we in wrestling refer to as "fighting from underneath". For all the knocks on Brock's infrequent television appearances, WWE, Brock and Heyman have done an amazing job turning Lesnar into the most imposing unbreakable wall that WWE has ever constructed. At wrestlemania, I would like to see Daniel Bryan systematically chip away at that wall, knock it down, and give the WWE universe a victory they can savor...and more importantly, look forward to. The best present is the one that sits under the tree, neatly wrapped, ready to be torn into on Christmas Day. There's no need to overthink it. Tie it up in a bow with a Bryan victory at the Rumble, and let us all start counting down the days until we get to open it.

Tell me what you think.

Have a nice day.

A lot of folks are on record as wanting to see this showdown between The Beard and The Beast.  But do you think this would be the angle WWE would take?  Since his return, DB has continued to have issues with Stephanie McMahon and the kayfabe power structure - will they ever extricate Bryan from The Authority angle?

Will WWE ever get out of the evil corporation rut they've been in on and off since The Attitude Era?

Let us, and the Mickster, know what you think.

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