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Rosa Mendes is excited about managing Fandango because he's hot and she might get to kiss him

While promoting Total Divas in an interview with, Rosa Mendes had this to say about her current role on WWE television, managing Fandango:

"Actually, right now I'm managing Fandango. This is a totally new thing for me and it's really, really cool because Fandango is extremely talented in the ring and he's also like the hottest Superstar we have. So I might get to be very close to him and kiss him, and it's really... [Laughs]. It's like a Diva's dream come true and I'm single too, so it's nice. We dance together, and it's a very heated flamenco dance so this just started a couple of weeks ago. We've been working very closely with each other and I've got to say I'm enjoying it very much [Laughs]."

I love that her being single is a bonus as opposed to a requirement, almost as much as I love the fact that she's excited to be Fandango's manager because it might mean she gets to kiss him.

At least she's honest, right?

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