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Roman Reigns flattered by John Cena comparisons but 'I don't want what he has'

"I want what I'm going to get."

With WWE seemingly all set to take the ball they handed off to John Cena 10 years ago and pass it to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31 to see how far he can run with it, comparisons between the two have become inevitable. They aren't anything alike as far as their characters on television are concerned, but it's clear they both caught Vince McMahon's eye as the goose that could lay the golden eggs.

Naturally, Reigns was asked by the WNS Podcast how he feels about this. His response:

"When I first started wrestling, I got a lot of comparisons to a lot of different people. Razor Ramon, The Rock. I had a bunch of different qualities and characteristics of former guys. I'm not trying to be the next anybody. I'm trying to be the very first Roman Reigns that's all I can do. I'm not out to be somebody that I'm not. I know who I am and I know where I come from and I know where I want to go. It's very flattering to be compared to someone who's worked so hard and been so successful. I don't want what he has, I want what I'm going to get."

That's a great way to say he's going to get the top spot and whatever that means for Cena is what it means for Cena and it doesn't really concern him. In the pro wrestling business, it's just the right way to step on someone else's toes.

It's the only way to be number one, right?

Here's the interview:

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