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Hulk Hogan isn't angling for anything, except for his last match to be with WWE

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Ahh, the Hulkster.  Since booking himself to walk out of TNA with the President of the company literally on her knees, clinging to his leg begging him not to go and returning to WWE as a hype man, Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan hasn't stopped working for another match in Vince McMahon's company.

From trying to start beef with everyone from current WWE World Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar, to fellow Hall of Famer Steve Austin, to declaring himself fit for not just another match, but another title run, Hogan has tried it all.

In an interview he gave to the Cincinnati Enquirer ahead of his house show appearance in that Ohio city tomorrow night, Hulk is trying something else...Honesty.

He still can't help but contradict himself a little, but that's just Hogan being Hogan...right?

I'm not angling for anything. I'm just angling to have my last match with this company. My last match that I had was not with this company, and I started with this company, and it just seems only fitting that, whatever it is, this is where I should have my final match, and I haven't have [sic] it yet. I'm training like I'm gonna get a shot at the world title next week, so I'm in great shape. I'm back down under 300 pounds, down to 295, training every day at the gym. I'm ready for the call of duty if they need me.

Other than a possessing a less-than-top shelf workrate even in his prime, and a surgically repaired spine, the issue most folks have with any kind of official Hulk Hogan match is his age.  At 61 years old, it's a valid concern.  The man himself was asked what age is too old:

Gosh, I don't know, brother. I know Vince McMahon - I think he had his last match when he was 65 years old. Gosh, who knows? I guess it depends on the type of health you're in and how you feel. Everything is kind of like a calculated risk out there, because guys get hurt all the time, so you just never know.

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Is Hogan too old for another match, or are you just disinterested in seeing him at any age?  And does he deserve to have his in-ring curtain call be in WWE, or is his legacy the same either way?

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