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Podcast Roundup Jan. 16, 2015: Vince Russo, Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Lemmy, The Usos!

We here in the Cageside community love to talk about the industry we all love so much that we actually have several podcasts that run at various times throughout the week. Some make it to the front page, some get buried in the busy day of thread activity, and some maybe don't get posted at all. In case you forgot, didn't know of, or want to look back on any of them, here I will accumulate the week's shows all in one spot, at the end of every week. I encourage you to bookmark the page as well. If you have something you would like to share with the rest of us, feel free to provide a link in the comment section for everyone to enjoy.


  • Friday January 16, 2015

The Bros B4 Elbows - Ep. 2.4 - The Macho Man Uses Morse Code Episode

In the first episode of the New Year the Brothers of Destruction tackle the week that was in pro wrestling. With the Macho Man Randy Savage on their mind, the show breaks into two parts of madness. Part one of episode 2.4 features all the Macho Man and Monday Night RAW reactions with a look towards the Royal Rumble.

For the back half of the episode, part two, the bros talk some TNA and ROH before squeezing into their rented prom tuxes for an evening of awards. The first ever BB4E award ceremony hands out trophies for match of the year, feud of the year, Our Boy (bro) of the year, and more categories in a glorious 2014 look back.


  • Monday January 12, 2015

Piper's Pit - Ep. 41 - Vince Russo (Part 2)

Vince Russo Part. 2. One of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling history is back for a second round on the hot seat. Piper and Russo pick up right where they left on topics like the decline of the WWE, why aren't there any new superstars the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Roddy Piper and why a three-hour Monday Night Raw is bad for the fans.

  • Tuesday January 13, 2015

The Steve Austin Show (Clean) - Ep. 185 - Paul Heyman

The long lost Paul Heyman episode surfaces! And you are going to be glad that Steve finally decided to release this one from the vault! It's got great analysis of the Brock Lesnar/John Cena beat down. Paul E. shares his philosophy on what makes a great "advocate," where his personal in-ring style comes from, and how he always nails his promos (and it's NOT memorization)! He remembers his early color commentary days with JR at WCW, what he learned from Captain Lou & The Grand Wizard, the best advice he ever got from Dusty Rhodes, and how Paul E. views his role in one of the greatest matches of all time - Wrestlemania 17. Did I mention the 16 suplexes? Oh hell yeah!

Sam Roberts Wrestling - Ep. 012 - Jim Ross

Good Ol' JR, Jim Ross, talks Macho Man in the Hall of Fame, WrestleKingdom 9, being in Japan, broadcast partners, his one man show, and more, plus the State of Wrestling.

  • Wednesday January 14, 2015

The Ross Report - Ep. 48 - Len "The Grappler" Denton

Len "The Grappler" Denton sheds some insight on being a masked villain wrestler in the territory era of wrestling! He also explains how he "accidentally" helped Jake "The Snake" create the DDT finisher, shares the advice he gave Ultimate Warrior, and reveals who came up with his mask gimmick. You'll also hear about Bill Watts, Jim Cornette, Ric Flair, and Ole Anderson.

  • Talk Is Jericho - Ep. 108 - Lemmy from Motorhead

He's a metal legend, a rock icon, and he's on TIJ - Motorhead frontman Lemmy! He's talking about everything - wrestling, Triple H, his WWII artifact collection, being a roadie for & dropping acid with Jimi Hendrix, meeting the Beatles, heroin, whiskey, Ozzy Osbourne, playing bass, Motorhead's latest album "After Shock," his favorite songs to play live, Motorhead's beginnings, and possible retirement. It doesn't get any more rock & roll than this!

  • Thursday January 15, 2015

The Steve Austin Show - Ep. 186 - Headaches, Hassles, and Horseshit

Steve talks to his OTHER boss on today's show - PodcastOne founding CEO Norm Pattiz! How much of a grilling does Norm get? And then Steve's talking to you guys! WM19, John Cena, Macho Man Randy Savage, Royal Rumble, Adam Sandler, injuries, and Jerry Jones!

  • Friday January 16, 2015

Talk Is Jericho - Ep. 109 - The Usos

Current Tag Team Champs, and real-life twin brothers, The Usos give a detailed account about their famous wrestling family, their cousins - Roman Reigns & The Rock, their failed Smackdown audition, their inspired face painting, their memorable RAW debut, and the loss of their beloved Uncle Eckie aka Umaga! You'll also hear the pranks they pulled in school that only twins can... and the day jobs they gave up in Florida to pursue a pro wrestling career!


MLW Radio -  MLW Radio is headed by former WWE writer Court Bauer. This website is home to numerous podcasts, such as Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, John Pollock, Court Bauer, MSL, Konnan, "The Writer's Room" w/ Alex Greenfield, Court Bauer and Ed Ferrara, "Talkin Shop", and so much more.

The Art of Wrestling - This is Colt Cabana's podcast, and a very popular one. Almost every week he has a guest, and of course Colt's very funny humor.

Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online - Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer; need I say more? Many daily shows here, you can use the archive to search all their media. I highly recommend subscribing to get more content, however there are many free shows as well.

In Your Head Wrestling - A new personal favorite of mine, lots of guests and frequent shows. Give IYH a try.

SB Nation Podcasts - Here is everything else SB Nation has to offer.

Once again, if you have anything you think we should put here for everybody else to enjoy, let me know in the comment section.

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