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WWE reinstates Kevin Nash's Legends contract

Via Kevin Nash's Twitter

It's been a wild week for WWE and the legal system.

After word came, initially from Kevin Nash himself, that the assault charges against him stemming from an altercation between Nash and his son at their home on Christmas Eve 2014 had been dropped, it was expected that WWE would lift the suspension they had placed him on in accordance with their recently updated domestic violence policy.

Last night, the company released a statement doing exactly that:

Now that Kevin Nash's legal matter has been resolved with all charges being dropped, his "legends" contract has been immediately reinstated.

This opens the door for the rumored nWo appearance with Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall on next Monday's Raw Reunion show in Dallas - provided Nash's tweet about not returning to WWE was a work or a momentary case of hard feelings.

Big Sexy did backtrack on what sounded like a cut and dry stance in his initial Wednesay tweet:

And, if they show up to squash Heath Slater, we'll really be able to move on...

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