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Kevin Nash addresses his future in light of his recent suspension under the WWE's domestic violence policy

There's been no word on Kevin Nash, either from the authorities in Florida or from WWE officials, since he was arrested following an incident with his son on Christmas Eve and subsequently suspended by the Stamford, Connecticut-based company under their domestic violence policy.

But Nash addressed the issue, if only on Twitter - and in the cryptic way that 140 character messages can often be:

The obvious read is that Kevin Nash the man won't work for WWE again, whether due to bad feelings on his part about how the situation - which, whatever else went on, seems to have involved his son most likely being intoxicated and threatening more family members than just Nash - was handled by the company or a prediction on his part that the company won't want him back.

But the awkward wording and use of third person could also be seen as an indication that if/when he comes back, it will be as his character Diesel - similar to how Scott Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame under the Razor Ramon gimmick rather than under his real name.

A tweet from Nash earlier this month can similarly be read either way, especially in light of the rumor that it was Triple H himself who broke the news to Nash about his suspension:

Only time will tell.

What's your read?

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