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The WWE Network is live in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and that may mean no more Main Event

As far as WWE Network service to the UK and Ireland, nothing is ever going to be on time, it seems.

After a disastrous failure to launch that saw the company inform fans via social media of a change of plans on the day of the scheduled initial start, the re-grouped, got their contractual ducks in a row with their media partners in the region and rescheduled for a pre-Royal Rumble kick-off of January 19, 2015.

Good news is that many in the area are reporting that they were able to sign-up and start streaming today, ahead of schedule.

Apologies to the Intercontinental champion, but I'm afraid I also have some bad news.  PWInsider is reporting that the reason WWE announced tonight that Main Event will be pre-empted next week is that the existing deals WWE has in place to broadcast the show in the UK and Ireland prohibit them from also including it on the over-the-top service.

Since the Network doesn't have the capability of delivering different product to different regions right now, that means no one gets the Tuesday night show until something gets worked out with Sky Broadcasting.

There's no word when that might be.

To our friends across the pond, enjoy the Network!  To fans who were attached to their Tuesday night fix of new wrestling, might I suggest watching NXT replays or trying to find Lucha Underground re-runs somewhere to fill the time?

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