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Lanny Poffo is 'relieved' Randy Savage is going in WWE Hall of Fame: 'Fans will have to find other things to complain about'

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Thankfully, Hulk Hogan was being honest.

In an interview with Sporting News, Lanny Poffo revealed his true feelings on WWE deciding to induct Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame later this year the night before WrestleMania 31 in Santa Clara, California.

His explanation, both for his feelings and what changed his mind on Randy going in without his family:

"I'll tell you what - I was relieved. Now, I just feel relieved and all the fans are happy and now they're going to have to find other things to complain about. ... But I had an epiphany when I was 59 years old in that I'm the older brother now. Now, I get to make unpopular decisions. I'm not a Star Trek fanatic but the needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Randy loved the fans and so do I. And Randy not being in the Hall of Fame was a horrible thing to do to his fans."

And what of the decision to have Hogan induct him?

"I think it's fantastic that Hulk Hogan is going to get the opportunity to make a speech. And if he would like to make amends, that would be fine. But I think it's good that Hulk has the opportunity."

That's about as classy as it gets, folks.

And he's right. Now we, as fans, can find something else to complain about. We will undoubtedly do exactly that but it's going to feel good celebrating the career of one of the greatest pro wrestlers who ever lived.

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