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Every WWE pay-per-view of 2014 graded

We went back and looked at the grade for every episode of Monday Night Raw (plenty of highs, but equal lows) and Friday Night SmackDown (a painfully consistent display of mediocrity) in 2014 over the past couple days. Now, it's time to do the same for every WWE pay-per-view (PPV) we were treated to this year.

Below is a complete list of each PPV's air date, its grade, and the title given to that event by yours truly. Each grade and title is clickable in case you want to go back and read full reactions for that particular show.

Royal RumbleC- (Road to WrestleMania)
Elimination ChamberA- (On to WrestleMania 30)
WrestleMania 30A- (The streak is over)
Extreme RulesC- (In his hands)
PaybackA (Don't stop believing)
Money in the BankC+ (Cena wins)
BattlegroundD+ (LOL NO ONE WINS)
Night of ChampionsB (Welp!)
Hell in a CellB- (THAT'S GOTTA BE BRAY!)
Survivor SeriesB- (STING IS HERE)
TLC: D (Not a bang, but a whimper)


A's: 4
B's: 3
C's: 3
D's: 2
F's: 0

For all its creative issues and questionable television, when it came time to bring the best product in the biggest spots at the big events, WWE generally delivered the goods.

On to 2015!

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