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Jake "The Snake" Roberts announces cancer relapse

The year of great highs and deep lows for Jake "The Snake" Roberts continues, as he makes a full recovery from double pneumonia, but finds out that his cancer has relapsed. We would like to wish Jake the best in his renewed fight with the disease.

Get well soon Jake!
Get well soon Jake!

Just over ten day ago, we reported that Jake "The Snake" Roberts had passed out on a plane and been rushed to hospital, where he was diagnosed with double pneumonia and was being kept in the Intensive Care Unit. At the time, it was a very worrying situation for his friends and family.

The good news is he's made a full recovery from the pneumonia, has been released from the hospital and is already back making his scheduled appearances on the independent wrestling scene. The bad news is that the battery of tests he underwent in hospital revealed that he still has cancer and will be requiring further surgery soon to combat the disease, as he revealed in an interview on a Future Stars Of Wrestling show in Las Vegas on Saturday night:

"First of all, I just wanted to say thank you God for still having me on this planet. You see for a long time I was fighting a hell of a fight that you didn't know about: the alcohol, the addiction, the demons in my mind. It was something I tried to hide because I was ashamed and because it hurt and because I didn't want you to know about me, but I'm 59 years old now man and I didn't think I was going to live this long...

But the truth is the fight that I'm fighting today man is just another fight, you know? But I do have cancer, you know, and it's cool because I tell you something if you can beat addiction, you can beat cancer and through great friends and a great support group, WWE has been very, very kind in helping me.

I couldn't believe that when I got sick on the airplane and everything, I was out, I didn't know where the hell I was at or anything, the WWE got a hold of one of my children and told them go help your Dad. That's so frigging cool man. Because we all know WWE is taking a tough shot in the stocks man, they could probably use that five, six hundred bucks on the airline ticket. No, they're doing alright man. But Vince McMahon thank you, WWE thank you, Sinn Bodhi thank you....

I'm just proud to be here tonight because Christ man when I woke up after I've been asleep for three days and then I found out that I've got to have some more stuff taken out of my chest because it's cancer and they got to do what they got to do. But I'm not afraid man, I'm very comfortable in my faith. Faith not only in God above, but faith in the people I have around me."

A video of his speech can be seen below:

We at Cageside Seats would like to wish Roberts all the best in his recovery again. Hopefully he can kick cancer's ass like he has done recently with all his substance abuse problems.

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