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Brie Bella promoting Total Divas season 3 by saying she's going through baby fever with Daniel Bryan

In a recent interview with E! Online, Brie Bella promoted season three of Total Divas, which will premiere tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET on the E! channel, by once again bringing up that she's fighting baby fever. She's also claiming her husband, Daniel Bryan, is fighting the same.

"Babies have been on my mind and my husband's mind. He would love to have them today if he could. It's gonna be a really exciting season."

This echoes what she was saying back in May, also while promoting a new season of the reality television show she stars in. Now, just as then, it's nearly impossible to determine if she's simply pushing a storyline for Total Divas (that's the likely answer) and/or speaking truth (also at least a possibility).

All her television storylines since she started speaking of wanting to have children have centered around her either quitting, or being asked to quit. Meanwhile, Bryan has been out injured with no clear time table for return thanks to no clear plan for treatment for his various neck/arm/nerve issues.

Then again, last season was all about the two getting married, so it makes sense that this season would be all about the two adjusting to said marriage (something she mentions in the full interview) and grappling with the idea of when exactly to have kids. Her age (31 in November) and his career uncertainty create an interesting backdrop for an overly scripted reality television show that is itself within the overly scripted world of professional wrestling.

Stay tuned.

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