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Jim Cornette blasts 'comedy writers and scripts' for ruining wrestling

Steve Wright Jr from Conway via Wikimedia Commons

Just yesterday, another script for Monday Night Raw leaked online for the episode that aired on Sept. 1, 2014, from Des Moines, Iowa (check it out here). It was roughly 28 pages and showed how overly scripted the entire show is, from match finishes to detailed lines for every promo from every wrestler, even the biggest stars like Paul Heyman, Triple H, and John Cena.

That's what is killing wrestling.

That's the opinion of Jim Cornette, at least, who is going off on Twitter today about this very subject.

This is similar to a common complaint from the most popular wrestler of all time, Stone Cold Steve Austin, has when analyzing the current product. Giving a wrestler lines to remember when they go out for a promo instead of giving them a general idea of points to hit and letting their personality shine through seems downright silly.

It leads to wooden performances, panned segments, and folks like Cornette losing his mind on social media.

Then again, some performers need the added direction, so no one way is tried and true. Still, when a smart wrestling mind like Cornette is riffing on an issue like this and the biggest star of all time has said something similar, it's worth paying attention to.


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