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WWE sends another invite to Michael Sam; congratulates him on joining Dallas Cowboys

Joe Robbins

Just this past Monday night, WWE extended an invitation to NFL defensive linemen Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted and play in the league, to next week's episode of Raw in Baltimore. This came shortly after Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams, the team that drafted him, just days before the start of the regular season.

Then, news got out that Sam was taking a physical for the Dallas Cowboys and, if he passed, would be joining their practice squad. Well, he passed and is now officially a member of "America's Team".

WWE, for its part, suddenly erased all Sam mentions from YouTube and the company website before announcing Jerry Springer would be making his return for a segment with the Bella twins. This made it look even more like a PR stunt, and rumors suggested that's exactly what it was.

Now, however, WWE has sent out a congratulations to Sam and once again extended an invitation to appear on a future show:

Congratulations to Michael Sam on signing with the Dallas Cowboys! WWE will extend its invitation for Michael Sam to appear on any future Monday Night Raw he wishes. We offer our support for Michael as he continues his journey.

One wonders why they would go to the trouble of deleting all mention of him just to once again make the same offer, but there you have it. This, at the very least, makes it look less like a PR stunt and more like the company actually supports Sam's efforts.

Considering the NFL season officially kicks off tomorrow night in Seattle, don't expect Sam to accept said offer, at least not until late December when Tony Romo throws his annual interception to keep the Cowboys from making the playoffs.

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