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Video: Bray Wyatt's amazing interview on local morning news show in Lafayette

Kayfabe might be dead in 2014 but Bray Wyatt is a throwback to a time when wrestlers never broke character. The video above is from an interview with a local news station in Lafayette, Louisana, the site of tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw and Wyatt is in full on Bray Wyatt mode.

When asked how he's doing:

"Fantastic. It's a little early for my tastes but I'm living and breathing, so all is well."

When the anchor brings up that Bray has family he works with in WWE -- and he means this literally, referencing Bo Dallas (brother, fellow wrestler) and IRS (father, agent) -- and asks what it's like to have that atmosphere, Wyatt responds with this:

"My father was the war and my mother was the society that reinforced it. Family is whoever I love, you know? Where I lay my head is home, and that's all."

The woman admires his scars and his eyes and after showing them off, Bray laughs at her claim that she was told he would be scary by saying "you're busy falling in love".

Later, he claims he ended The Shield before dropping a remark that if he could meet anyone in the ring it would be Sting because he would "really like that".

That's not a hint at anything, though.

How great is this guy?

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