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The Rock claims he nearly came to blows with John Cena during WWE feud

Muscle and Fitness has a long, incredible interview with The Rock that you can read by clicking here. It covers a host of topics but the most interesting may be his revelation that he and John Cena nearly came to blows, both backstage and on-screen, during their long feud in WWE.

From the interview:

"John had said some things in an interview that I took exception. He felt they were okay, I felt that they weren't okay. I also laughed it off years ago but it wasn't until I came back and realized that the marquee match-up was going to be between he and I that I would take that edge that we had-and let's use it. So, we don't have to hang out, we don't have to be best friends, we won't be friends at all.


"...what happens in wrestling is anybody who is in a feud and anybody who is in a match, everybody knows what everybody is going say. In this case, we approached it differently.

I'd say ‘John, here's what I'm going to say tonight: Go fuck yourself.' He'd say, ‘Well, here's going to be my response: Fuck you too.' I mean, it was like that. And it was palpable for the fans, and it was palpable backstage. And I would never be like that under any other circumstance. I'm collaborative with everyone I work with. And I take a lot of pride in that, and you know something? So is John. He's a great guy. He's one of the best guys out there, but here's what we realized: If we wanted to build the two biggest matchups back-to-back and create something special in Miami and in New York, we're going to do it this way. And we might fail miserably at it. People might think it's not real or you run into the challenge of the potential for people to go, ‘It's so real that it's not real.' But in this case it worked out very well and through all that edge and attitude and bite that we had and nearly coming to blows backstage and one night in the ring-literally we were nose-to-nose, it was any second. And through that in a crazy, weird completely unexplained way, we became great buds."

It should be noted that The Rock is a worker and he's probably doing some working here. That said, this doesn't feel like a Hulk Hogan "I was going to be the bass player for Metallica" level fabrication. This feels more like "there were 93,000 people at WrestleMania 3". It sounds believable, all things considered, but it's probably stretching the truth.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Is The Rock trying to work us here? Or do you think there was real animosity between the two that nearly led to a shoot fight?

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