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Titus O'Neil explains the origins of Slater Gator; still claims he's not tagging with Heath Slater

In a recent interview with CBS Seattle, Titus O'Neil explained the origins of his tag team with Heath Slater, dubbed Slater Gator,

"I'm not officially paired with Heath. He seems to be a thorn in my side moreso than he is a partner to me. SlaterGator was something he, literally, just put together because his name is Slater and I'm a former Florida Gator. We were kind of randomly put in a tag team match, as that happens a lot when we're short staffed and a lot of guys were in Japan. We went against The Usos. It's very odd for us to be working together in any capacity because we're two different entertainers and people in general. But yes, it will come off very well on camera with Heath. He is a very talented individual and a very entertaining individual, and I love having an opportunity to do anything with him just because he's fun to work with, you know? Like I said, we're not officially a tag team in my eyes. I'm trying to get away from him as much as I can but as you see on Main Event and Superstars or Raw and SmackDown, when he wins or we win we can draw closer together but we will never officially be a tag team in my eyes."

The story here is that they were paired together much to the enthusiasm of Slater but the chagrin of O'Neil and the odd pairing has actually gotten over. They're big personalities from two entirely different backgrounds and they're both entertaining as all hell.

Putting them together on paper was a terrible idea.

In practice, it just works.


O'Neil maintains, however, that he's not a tag team wrestler and he got into the business to be a main event star on his own. So while this is all well and good for now, he hopes to break out as a singles wrestler at some point in the future.

For now, let's enjoy this latest amazing tag team.

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