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Video: Chris Jericho helps fan with marriage proposal at WWE house show in Australia

WWE is currently touring in the "Land Down Under" and during a house show on Aug. 7, 2014, a fan wanted to propose to his girlfriend. So, of course, said couple was brought into the ring where the question was put up on the big screen.

Before she could answer, a "YES" chant broke out.

Chris Jericho was right there leading the proceedings however, so he took control by asking the woman, named Mikala, if she would marry her boyfriend, named Daniel.


There's actually a very touching story behind this. Jericho met Daniel while he was on tour with Fozzy and learned that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was expected to live only for a number of months. However, the two have kept in touch via social media and when this opportunity presented itself, it was an easy decision to make.


"Everyone at WWE agreed it was the cool thing to do," Jericho said. "Basically, Daniel came in the ring and asked his girlfriend to look at the billboard, which said ‘Will you marry me, Mikala?' She said yes."

The WWE Universe in Melbourne's reaction only heightened the experience for the happy couple.

"The best part of all was as soon as he asked the question, 15,000 fans starting chanting ‘Yes!' which is pretty cool," Jericho said.

Good on everyone involved here and congratulations to the happy couple.

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