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Jim Ross: WWE considering taping Raw and SmackDown on same night

The word making the rounds today is that SyFy may be moving SmackDown to Thursday nights when it announces its fall schedule (read more on that here). Now, according to Jim Ross, WWE may be planning on taping SmackDown the very same night it runs a live episode of Monday Night Raw.

From his blog:

Someone with WWE told me that WWE was considering going back to the Super Show TV Taping concept where they do RAW live on Monday night and also tape Smackdown the same evening. That's a load of work....more than a load....but it would save WWE tons of money by eliminating the Tuesday Tapings. Time will tell if this cost cutting move will actually happen but it's a giant undertaking nonetheless.

Currently, Superstars tapes before Raw goes live on USA at 8 p.m. ET. Obviously they couldn't tape the show before Raw, so they would have to run long. That would, as Ross mentions, cut costs but it would, as he again mentions, be a giant undertaking.

If nothing else, it's clear WWE is still in financial crisis at present time and are willing to do whatever necessary to get that belt tightened up until it can be loosened later as the WWE Network gains subscribers.

If it does so.


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