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Monday will mark the 35th anniversary of Pat Patterson becoming the inaugural Intercontinental Champion.  In kayfabe, he unified his WWF North American Heavyweight belt with a South American one in a tournament in Brazil.  In reality, that tournament never happened...

Pro wrestling, everybody!

Since 1979, 72 wrestlers (71 men and one woman) have held the IC title. is getting a head start on celebrating its birthday with their list of the 25 best Intercontinental Champions of all time.

Check it out and see where you agree, disagree or flat out can't even deal with it!

25. Shelton Benjamin
24.  Cody Rhodes
23.  Stone Cold Steve Austin
22.  Jeff Hardy
21.  Goldust
20.  Jeff Jarrett
19.  The Rock
18.  Edge
17.  Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
16.  Triple H
15.  Rob Van Dam
14.  Don Muraco
13.  Shawn Michaels
12.  Pat Patterson
11.  Rick Rude
10.  Tito Santana
9.    Randy Orton
8.    Pedro Morales
7.    Bret Hart
6.    Razor Ramon
5.    The Honky Tonk Man
4.    Mr. Perfect
3.    Ultimate Warrior
2.    Chris Jericho
1.    Randy Savage

Maybe Creative will look at this list, realize how few of these names had runs with the IC title in the 21st century and decide it really is time to build up the mid-card and secondary titles again?

What do you think, Cagesiders?  Either about the list, or whether the fact that the company is talking about the belt at all ( and in light of a part-time guy holding the only major title in WWE right now) might be a good sign?

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