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All three members of The Shield to hold WWE title in the next year!?!?

That's what you, the WWE Universe have predicted in the latest edition of the YouTube series, Five Things.

Last week, host Tom Phillips asked fans to make five predictions about championships in WWE over the coming twelve months. No vote totals are given or anything, so we just have to trust the new Smackdown announcer. But in addition to the doozy that gives us our headline (and the swell picture, currently on the home page and which accompanies this post on our main page), your five things are:

1. John Cena will break Ric Flair's record by capturing his 16th and 17th world titles.

2. Heath Slater will hold one of the company's belts.

3. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will all be world champs.

4. AJ Lee will break her own record for longest run with the Divas title.

5. A new championship division will debut in WWE.

When you get done drooling over the Lunatic Fringe with the WWE title, let us know what you think about these predictions in the comments below.

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