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Stone Cold Steve Austin could come back for a match at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas

Damn near any time Stone Cold Steve Austin does media he's asked about a potential return to WWE for one more match. Each time, he gives a similar answer. Essentially, he would be up for it but the circumstances would have to be just right because, let's face it, his coming back would be no small task.

In his latest interview with PW Torch, however, he certainly sounds as though he's positioning himself:

"I'll reserve my right to if I want to have another match down the road - say, like, Dallas, Texas is going to be (WrestleMania) 32. Now, 31 is right down the road from me. That could be doable, but I don't see it happening. Now, Dallas, that could be very special going back to Texas for 32. They're going to need a loaded card to fill that house. So, I'll reserve my right. But, am I pushing, pandering, selling, promoting? Nothing."

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WrestleMania 31 is set for Santa Clara next year and if the rumors are true, Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE world heavyweight championship is the planned main event. At the very least, there appears to already be some plan in place.

WrestleMania 32, meanwhile, right there in Texas where Austin got his start on his road to becoming arguably the biggest star in the history of the business, is wide open. And if they want to fill up Cowboys Stadium, bringing in Austin for a match would certainly do the trick.

So while he's saying he's not pushing or pandering for it, he's most definitely positioning with a little bit of leverage afforded by the time frame, location, and willingness to make it happen.

Any of you Cagesiders out there hoping WWE at least attempts to put something together?

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