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WWE names the 10 most beautiful championship titles in history

We love a good countdown style list here at Cageside. We also love a good championship title design. That's why we couldn't pass up passing along the latest from, who offered their take on the 10 most beautiful championship titles in history.

When we ran a tournament on this very subject, the Big Gold Belt won in a landslide with the Winged Eagle, the NWA heavyweight, and Undisputed titles comprising the top four.

Here's the WWE list (click here to get full details):

10. Hogan "86" WWE championship
9. ECW championship
8. NWA world championship
7. WWE world tag team championship
6. NWA world television championship
5. WWE championship (in use today)
4. Million Dollar championship
3. Intercontinental championship (white leather)
2. WWF Winged Eagle championship
1. Big Gold Belt

It seems our community largely agrees with WWE save for the exclusive of the Undisputed championship.


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