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Bad News Barrett injury update: Hopeful to return to WWE by Decemeber

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Bad News Barrett suffered an injured shoulder when Jack Swagger threw him into a barricade during a SmackDown taping back on June 24 in Pittsburgh. He had successful surgery not long after and went down the long road to recovery.

He's still on that road, actually, but he's doing much better these days. As he told Brian Fritz, he's hoping to be back by December, and maybe sooner:

"The shoulder's good. I'm back in the gym lifting weights again. We have an estimation I'll be back in December. I'm hoping to beat that, we'll see how it goes, but yeah, fingers crossed it keeps going the way it's been going and I'll be back as soon as I can.

"I've always had this philosophy when I'm out in the ring that I want to go 100-percent. I don't want to ever go out there and be too careful. We always try and be as safe as we can and avoid injuries but sometimes I get lost in the moment. I want to go 100-percent and if I can hit something a little harder than I normally do because it's on TV then I'll do that. Sometimes it's to my detriment and maybe it's something I've gotta learn about, and learn to kind of protect myself a little more. Then there's an element of bad luck. Things sometimes happen in the ring that you can't control. I feel there's definitely been an element of that too."

Here's the full interview:

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