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Don't worry, Hulk Hogan convinced Sting to 'leave his mark' in WWE

Ronald Martinez

When Hulk Hogan gets on a roll, he really gets on a roll. My colleague Keith Harris broke down a tall tale or two from his recent interview with Yahoo Sports! but he was nice enough to leave out "The Hulkster" positioning himself to take credit for Sting signing with WWE.

Yes, really.

Here's what he had to say:

"Sting and I last talked when he made his appearance at Comic-Con and they announced he was part of the WWE Universe and that his dolls were coming out. We had a long talk on the plane and I said, 'Brother, you have got to wrestle. I mean, I don't care what kind of deal you signed,' I said, 'you can still go. You've never made a mark in the WWE. I was begging you to come here in the '80s and the '90s and now you just show up out of nowhere. You've got to wrestle.' So, I hope it happens really soon. And I think by the time I beat on him for the three hours from Los Angeles to Dallas that I think we were on the same page and he knows that he needs to get in that ring and leave his mark in the WWE and make a huge statement. I hope it happens sooner than later."

No, it couldn't possibly be the fact that Sting has long stated his desire to have his WrestleMania moment before retiring from professional wrestling. It couldn't be his already having openly admitted to wanting to work a match with Undertaker. Let's also ignore those various talks he had with WWE through the years about possibly signing a deal to finally work for the biggest company in the world.

Yes, if Sting signs with WWE and does indeed have one last run and/or work the one retirement match he's said he wants, it will be because Hulk Hogan beat it into him on a plane for three hours that he needs to do so.

Yep. That.

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