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Roman Reigns is ready to take John Cena's spot at the face of WWE

Though there were rumors for some time before The Shield ever broke up, it's become obvious that WWE believes Roman Reigns can be its next big star. The powers that be within the company might actually be counting on him to replace John Cena, who has been the number one draw for the promotion for the past decade.

In an interview with SB Nation, Reigns sounds like he's up for the challenge:

"When you're in a spot that I'm in -- or even higher, the spot I aspire to be in -- not only do you have to talk, and [sometimes] open up RAW, or even close it down [with] talking, or somewhere in the back [cutting a promo], there's a good bit of talking involved.

"Personally, for my character, I started as the silent but deadly type. Sort of a badass, not have to say too much. [Now] it progresses from week to week. But when you're in that type of spot, it's not only what you're doing on [WWE TV], it's doing different stuff. You have to do different opportunities where you have to do different stuff. Those are the things I enjoy.

"Everybody wants to be on top. Everybody wants to ascend, to be the top guy. So they start doing all the stuff that they have to do. Not everybody wants to be busy every single day. I'm that guy. I'm a workhorse. I'll take anything and everything I can get and I'll do it with a smile on his (sic) face."

He's green as goose shit, as they say, but he's learning every day. Does he have the best promos? Not even close. Is he a polished worker in the ring? Nope.

Is he popular? You damn right.

And he works hard.

That's damn near the same formula Cena followed on his way to the top, though he had superior mic skills and built a cult following in his early days a battle rapper.

Time will tell if Reigns can slide into the spot Cena will be leaving soon enough.

Your thoughts?

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