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Report: Daniel Bryan injuries even worse than initially thought; out of all WWE plans going forward

The Wrestling Observer (subscription required) has dealt a crushing blow to all those who hoped Daniel Bryan's recovery from neck surgery was getting shorter instead of stretching out as he indicated at Money in the Bank:

The update on Bryan is that he may now also require shoulder surgery, as a full exam has revealed a lot of different shoulder and neck issues. At this point, because of uncertainty as to whether he'll need surgery and what surgery it could be, he's out of plans and there is no estimate on when he'll return.

That hurts.


It hurts not just as a fan who wants to watch Bryan ply his trade on a weekly basis, although, selfish as it may be, I definitely want that. No, it hurts because this is a man who scratched and clawed to get to the tippy top of the industry, overcoming a Mount Everest pile of political bullshit to get there, and had it ripped away from him in the most heartbreaking manner possible.

WWE, for its part, tried to wait it out and continue the momentum with storylines to keep him on TV, even getting his wife, Brie Bella, to do some heavy lifting.

But it was all for naught.

Not only that, but it's fair to wonder how much Bryan can handle physically from here on out. And if we, fans and pundits alike, are wondering that, the powers that be within WWE are surely wondering the same. Which means, of course, his uphill climb when he returns, if he does, will be that much steeper.

And his body that much less equipped for it.

Can you please just get well, Bryan?