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Promos: What makes them good and what makes a wrestler good at them?

With Roman Reigns rising rapidly through the ranks at WWE, there's seemingly been an increased focus on promos, mostly because there's this widespread belief that he isn't any good at them. My colleague, Hulk Holland, believes that doesn't much matter, all things considered, but it's generally the big knock against him when criticism is leveled at his abilities as a professional wrestler.

Take this FanPost for instance, which includes the following passage:

To Roman Reigns, however, I say this: You're Not Ready.

Here's my assessment of Reigns.

He's terrible on the mic. Everyone knows this.

In the full post, you'll notice, no reason is given. There is no detailed explanation on how exactly Reigns is "terrible" on the mic. It's simply presented as a fact and "everyone knows this".

This happens often. You'll hear someone say "oh, he's bad on the mic" but how often do you remember any elaboration on this?

So let's do that.

In the comments section below I want you to answer the following questions, and please be as detailed as possible:

1. What makes a good promo?
2. What makes a wrestler good at delivering a promo?

We'll update later after enough answers.


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