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Cryptic Sting tweets lead to speculation of WWE Raw appearance on July 14 in Virginia

For months now, the only information we've had to go on regarding Sting and his future with WWE is reporting from outlets like the Wrestling Observer that he's almost signed with the company and a deal is close but it's not quite finalized. Really, just a lot of rumors.

Now, there's speculation that that's changed and he'll be making an appearance on Monday Night Raw next week in Virginia.

Why? Because of these cryptic tweets:

Is it possible he finally signed and WWE is rushing to get him on television on the Battleground go home show? Sure. Anything is possible.

Is it likely?


It's far more likely that July 14 will come and a simple announcement will be made regarding his involvement in the WWE 2K15 video game coming out in October. Remember, news got out not long ago that he was going to be a featured star, and now a formal announcement could be made.

Or it could have absolutely nothing to do with WWE at all.

Still, it's hard not to hope one of the biggest stars never to work for Vince McMahon is about to finally go to work for Vince McMahon.


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