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Was Michael Cole sniping at Jim Ross about the WWE Championship last night during Raw?

Putting the WWE title on John Cena a 15th (or 12th) time sure has refocused the company's attention on the mythology of their top title.

Yesterday, we wrote about the feature from that examines the longest reigns in history with a particular emphasis on where Cena ranks.  Last night on Raw, Michael Cole, Seth Rollins and others made a point of referring to the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion as "the greatest WWE Champion of all time".

Former WWE announcer Jim Ross wasn't crazy about it, and tweeted as much towards the end of the show:

About ten minutes later, as the champ was making his entrance for the main event, Michael Cole said:

You can tweet me, you can text me, you can do anything you want...but in my mind, at 15 times the world champion - John Cena is the greatest champion in WWE history.

Could it have been a shot fired at the legendary commentator?  Others were undoubtedly critical of the new unofficial title being bestowed on the leader of the Cenation.  But given the rumors of an extremely contempuous relationship between Vince McMahon, his inner circle and JR, and that Vince is the voice in Cole's ear during Raw, it's not completely ludicrous to wonder if that was a line fed to the play-by-play voice, and if it was in response to Ross' criticism.

Anything here, Cagesiders?

And what do you make of Cena's new status as "greatest WWE champ EVAR"?

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