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Report: WWE's Santino Marella announces that his in-ring career is over following another neck injury

According to reports from WWE's house show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (including this one from WrestleZone), WWE Superstar Santino Marella announced to the crowd that his in-ring career is over following a third neck injury.

The Milan Miracle had just been telling the media that he thought his in-ring career was "winding down" last week.  It's not clear if he knew about this injury at the time of those interviews.  It's reported that the former two-time Intercontinental Champion, who has been with the sports entertainment giant since 2007, broke kayfabe in front of the crowd at Ricoh Coliseum tonight (July 6, 2014) to acknowledge his Canadian roots.  The performer behind the character who is billed from Italy is Anthony Carelli, and was born and resides in Mississauga, Ontario.  He currently owns a mixed martial arts gym in the town.

Marella has been a staple of WWE shows as a comedy character, and wrestling has not been central to his performances for some time.  Based on his comments last week, we'd expect him to remain in his current role with the company (including as a pitch man for sponsors) minus taking bumps in the ring.

Lately he has been partnered with Emma, who had a well documented terrible week following Money in the Bank as well.  Whether the two will still be linked on screen is probably even more up in the air following Santino's Toronto announcement.

Stay tuned to Cageside Seats for more information as we have it.

Update: More detail from his retirement speech, including what he said about his future with WWE, can be found HERE.

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