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Tough Enough, Legends' House may have already been cancelled on the WWE Network

With the launch of the WWE Network, the company was hoping it would reach a subscriber base upwards of two million that would make it a profitable venture. What's more, long-term projections predicted WWE would be swimming in cash thanks to how successful it would surely be.

So far, not so good.

Initial subscriber numbers were nowhere near what anyone expected them to be and because of that, combined with under-performing at the negotiating table for a new television rights deal with NBCUnivesal, the company is expected to lose around $50 million this year.

I've buried the lede here, but start up costs on the Network and its lack of performance has forced their hand. That's what led to the bloodletting of the talent roster on "Black Thursday" this year, and now it's led to massive cutbacks on the Network itself, the endeavor WWE needs to be successful to avoid disaster.

According to the Wrestling Observer, filming on Tough Enough has been pushed back to October -- after already having its budget slashed -- and production on the second season of Legends' House has been halted indefinitely. The original plan was to film one right after the other but with the financial situation so dire, it's entirely possible both are cancelled and never see the light of day.

The pre-shows and post event press conferences have already mostly gone by the wayside, with the only surviving specials being filmed inside a studio with no set. New and original programming, at least for now, appears to be completely out of the question.

The WWE Network remains a grand idea, but so far it hasn't performed well enough to justify its existence.

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