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John Cena not going on WWE's upcoming Australian tour

While not as grueling as their annual trip to Europe, WWE's upcoming three day journey to the land down under does consist of a couple of days worth of airline travel and a fourteen hour time difference.

So, perhaps it's not surprising that the company would decide to give their 37 year old cash cow a bye for this years tour, which will see them hit Melbourne, Sydney and Perth August 7 - 9 before coming back for Raw on the 11th.  But when he's been advertised for the shows, and figures to be the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it does raise a few eyebrows.

And that's the scoop from Dave Scherer over at PWInsider.  Even more interesting is who WWE is slotting into his place for the Aussie dates.  None other than Roman Reigns.

Whatever questions there may still be left about how WWE sees Reigns, or how firmly the proverbial rocket is strapped to his back, this looks like another part of the answer to those.  Cena was the most marketable name billed for Australia (others listed include The Wyatts, Sheamus, Cesaro, Rob Van Dam, The Miz and Kane).  Maybe Sheamus comes close as a crowd pleaser, but his full-time main event days seem to be behind him.

Combined with the way he's been booked on television lately - and the crowd reactions he receives as the unstoppable babyface - this news puts us another step closer to LOLROMANWINS.

You ready, Cagesiders?

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