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Daniel Bryan confirms he needs another surgery; explains his injury

After Daniel Bryan apprehended a burglar who was in the process of robbing his home, a press conference was held alongside police so Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, could field questions from assembled media. During the course of said presser, the former WWE world heavyweight champion revealed he will need another surgery while explaining in detail exactly what his injuries are:

"I had a very interesting day yesterday. So I started off my day in San Diego at Comic Con doing a press conference with Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman, and Sting. Like, it was crazy. Then... so I'm writing an autobiography and they announced that yesterday for St. Martin's press, so we did that. These are two big highs, right? And then they tell me, the WWE doctors called me and said 'I think you actually need to get another surgery, based on you not recovering very well.' So then that's a huge low. Then I got in an earlier flight than expected, so yay, I get to be home sooner! Then we get home and boo, robbery!

"I had a compression of the ulner nerve in two spots, at C-6, C-7, and C-7 T-1. They went in and there were some bone spurs in the actual spinal cord and they took that out. Now what's kind of going on is the nerve... it's what's called a double crutch. What they didn't realize is that the ulnar nerve, which runs from your neck down through here and to your elbow and then into your hand and everything, is compressed at the elbow as well. The surgery that they want to do now is taking the nerve from over here and putting it over there and then putting it under the muscle. I've essentially got probably half the strength in my right arm as I do in my left arm. It is what it is. If there's any sort of aggravation, I don't really notice it."

Obviously, this pushes back his return to professional wrestling even further and it's fair to wonder if we'll see him again before the year is out. Perhaps the most we can hope for is a surprise entrance in the Royal Rumble next January.

Either way, here's to hoping his next surgery goes well and he gets better sooner rather than later.

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