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Daniel Bryan is writing an autobiography about his WrestleMania journey; no word on WWE return

via St. Martin's Press/MacMillan

Yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, lost amidst the Sting is here and he wants a WWE match but he hasn't signed a contract hoopla, a little bearded fellow showed up to also do some public relations work for the company and to make an announcement.

Do you remember Daniel Bryan?  YES  Did he say anything about when he's coming back?  NO

He did confirm rumors that he's spending some of his down time while rehabbing from his neck surgery working on his autobiography.  Entitled "YES! My Improbably Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania", the book is scheduled for release in the Spring of next year from St. Martin's Press.

You can pre-order the book already at this link.  Anyone worried about his drawing power, at least among the hardcore faithful, should take some solace in the fact that it is already the #1 seller on Amazon in the wrestling category within a day of it unveiling.

Anyone worried about his health, well, don't be like me and spend several minutes examining this picture WWE released on Twitter to try and decide if his arm looks really thin or if it's just the camera angle, lighting, etc.

Who's ordering the book?  Who's concerned by the radio silence concerning his recovery and return to wrestling?