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Sting wants just one match in WWE, Undertaker or not


With Sting having made a surprise appearance (watch video here) at today's WWE/Mattel panel at the Comic Con Convention in San Diego, California, he was made available for media shortly after. That's when our friend Matt Fowlerover at IGN slid right in and asked a few questions.

On his appearance at Comic-Con:

"It's a momentous occasion, that's for sure. It's my very first appearance with WWE... there are so many firsts: WWE, first appearance, action figure, video game, WWE fans, Comic Con; all a first for me, so it was huge."

On what's next in WWE:

"Well, aside from video games and action figures and t-shirts and things like that, let's just say that I'm open for anything. I've been very public about the fact that I'd like to get in the ring at least one more time and I've named my opponent on and off over the years. It doesn't matter, though. Just one more ... one more."

On what role Hulk Hogan played in bringing him to WWE:

"Well, yeah, (Hulk Hogan) definitely (tried to pull me in) in the earlier days for sure. He called me a few months back and he was planting a few seeds, for sure."

I don't know about you but that sure sounds like he wants his one match in WWE whether Undertaker is available or not. Considering all this promotion, wouldn't it seem likely the groundwork is being laid for said match to happen at WrestleMania 31 next year, acting as Sting's retirement match?

Stay tuned.