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Sting makes surprise WWE appearance at San Diego Comic Con

Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan, and Daniel Bryan are in San Diego today to do a panel at the Comic Con convention for Mattel. During the course of the panel, Sting made a surprise appearance to the delight of all those in attendance.

Before he did so:

After he did so:

This does not mean, of course, that WWE and Sting have come to terms on a deal for a contract that will see him show up on TV. This was an appearance to promote the new action figure line from Mattel, with Sting's first ever action figure from the company being revealed today.

As for the latest update on Sting signing an actual deal with WWE? From the Wrestling Observer (subscription required):

There was a TMZ report this past week that said Sting had signed a PR contract but not a wrestling contract with WWE. According to those in WWE, that was a mistake by TMZ and that they confused a 2K contact (for the video game) with a WWE contract. Sting still has no deal, but they are trying to lock him in.

We're getting closer, we're just not there yet.