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Chris Jericho agreed to come back to WWE last Friday, will be wrestling 'for the summer'

via Tweet Secret on Vimeo

Here's a cool little Easter egg for my fellow Jericholics out there.

Chris Jericho uses a service called Tweet Secret, a subscription-based service that lets celebrities and artists send content directly to fans willing to pay for it.  The company was cool enough to send us his video regarding his return to WWE, which contains some dirt about the timeline of how his latest deal came together and for how long he'll be around this time.

Check out the video below (and check out Tweet Secret for more exclusive content from Jericho and other artists).  Here's a transcript:

Alright, I'm here in the Marriott in Newark and I'm really excited because I'm headed over to Smackdown - my first Smackdown of the year.  As you know I came back to the WWE last night on Raw, big surprise...HaHa, fooled you, hahahaha...Got there - I just cut the deal on Friday to do this, got there at about 5 o'clock on Monday afternoon, sat in a production bus for about four hours waiting, hiding in the shadows.

Some people kind of knew, some people knew for sure, some people thought the knew, but until I came out nobody knew for sure.  Unbelievable reaction - so cool to be back in front of the WWE Universe.

The old classic double swerve - Miz comes out, then I interupt him, then The Wyatts interupt me...very, very cool.  It's awesome when we were out there, standing in the ring with The Wyatts - not doing anything! - and the crowd is chanting 'This is Awesome'.  So that was a pretty cool thing.

Like I said, always a blast...gonna be a great summer.  For everybody who's asking me all the time 'when you coming back?', 'when you coming back?' - well, I'm back.  And I'll be back for the summer.  So enjoy it.  It's gonna be a lot of fun.  Still doing Fozzy, still doing my podcast...everything else is great.  What an amazing night, such a cool surprise and always awesome to hear the 'Y2J' chant.

So I thank you to all the Jericholics who watched last night and who will continue to watch.

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