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Updated WWE SmackDown spoilers (July 4, 2014): Happy Birthday 'Murica!

WWE SmackDown returns to SyFy this coming Friday night - American Independence Day (July 4, 2014) from Newark, New Jersey.  But don't listen for the firecrackers from outside your window in the background -  the show was taped, as usual, on Tuesday night. That means full spoilers are out there, and we've got them for you right here, if you hate surprises, or plan to be neck deep in some barbeque with sparklers sticking out of your ears come Friday night.

Shoot those fireworks off early:

- Seth Rollins starts the show and is immediately attacked by Dean Ambrose.  Randy Orton comes out to help his fellow Authority-ite, and Roman Reigns shows up to even the score.  Tag match, playa!  (not really) Best friends forever! (hecks yeah)  Triple H disappoints Teddy Long fans everywhere by making Ambrose vs. Orton a singles main event, and warns Reigns that if he interferes, he will be pulled from the Battleground WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4Way.

- Big E was set to face Cesaro, but a pre-match brawl got out of control and referees separate the two before the match even starts.  Early reports had this as a countout.

- Stardust & Goldust and Reigns got backstage interview spots.

- In the match made on Main Event this week, Sheamus celebrated his love of America and beating dudes on the chest while people count with a victory over Alberto Del Rio (via Brogue Kick) to retain his United States championship.

- Bo Dallas defeats Diego (11 and BO!).  Afterwards, he vows to win the Intercontinental championship in the Battleground battle royal for "little Daniel".  He disses El Torito, causing the little bull to get in his face.  Bo slams him. (Thanks jeffgm!)

- Chris Jericho is out to huge cheers.  He was in serious face mode, thanking Bray Wyatt for reminding him that WWE is all about survival and telling him that if Wyatt wants to get crazy, he can get crazy.  Bray appears on the screen to respond.  Y2J issues an open challenge to Bray, but here comes Miz.  He touts himself as a "corss-platform" Superstar, and just like Monday, takes a Codebreaker.  The Sexy Beast exits to more adulation from the Newark crowd.  (Thanks Major!)

- Raw's other return, AJ Lee, comes out to a big ovation (AJ is a New Jersey native, but she's also extremely over).  The Divas champ cut a promo and defeated Eva Marie by submission.  Paige was on commentary and congratulated AJ after the match.  Slow heel turn, then? (Thanks Bacon and DolphSlays!)

- Damien Sandow did Bruce Springsteen, complete with a version of Born in the USA.  Lana and Rusev take the stage, and The Ravishing Russian gets in her licks on America on her birthday.  Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger to the rescue.  Colter cuts a return promo that the crowd eats up.  Loud "USA" and "We the People" chants from the Newark crowd.

- The main event is Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose.  Rollins is on commentary.  After some jawing between he and Dean, he stops a dive onto Orton by hitting Ambrose in the head with his briefcase.  That triggers the disqualification, and the Viper and the Architect put the boots to Dean.  Reigns runs in to save him.  The Big Dog hits Randy with a Superman punch (the match being offer, he should be clear of Trips' stip), but Seth pulls Orton free before he can hit the Spear.  Smackdown ends with Roman Reigns staring down the heels.  Presumably after the taping, the heels come back in for the live crowd and start beating on Reigns, but he powers out, Ambrose comes too and they chase off Orton and Rollins to stand tall.  (Mucho thanks to KevBarb!)

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