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CM Punk added to Alumni roster on

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting
UPDATE: CM Punk has made his first comments on the situation. They can be read by clicking here.

Sometime today, WWE quietly removed CM Punk from the main roster page on and added him to the Alumni section, officially ending his run as an active member of the roster and bringing to a close the long, drawn out saga of his departure.

This has been a long time coming, as Punk's contract was reportedly scheduled to expire this coming Thurs., July 17 and while there was initially some speculation that WWE would attempt to extend that deal, that went out the window when Punk started accepting outside offers using his ring name.

From most reports, the two sides only ever had serious talks in late January and into February but once they broke down there was little to no communication. For his part, Punk maintained that he's a retired professional wrestler the few times he made any media appearances and gave no indication he would be returning, at least not anytime soon.

He did always say that when he would ultimately decide on being done, he would be done.

Since his departure, Punk has married current Divas Champion AJ Lee, lived the high life as a rich celebrity in his home city of Chicago, and healed up from all those nagging injuries that plagued him throughout the latter half of his career.

Recently, he claimed he would be starting a band, a podcast, or a fire and that two of those three are true.

We shall see.

For now, he is officially no longer an active member of the WWE roster.

Time to say goodbye ... again.