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Big Gold Belt not showing on

Another sign Flair left with the former WCW/NWA World Championship for good last night.

Take this for what it's worth, but if you visit today and click on the Champions link under Superstars, you'll see all the current champions pictured in a scrolling image with the respective belt below their photo.

Underneath John Cena, you now see this:


It may mean nothing, but with the ceremonial moment last night, albeit subtle, it may well be another strong indicator that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion will now wield just one title.

With the report that the Network logo will replace the current WWE scratch design permanently the night after SummerSlam, will they redesign the one title to match the new logo? That becomes the new question.

Editor's note from Geno: We've been alerted by multiple people that it was always listed like this before the angle on Raw last night. Thanks to everyone who sent that along.

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