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Drew McIntyre vows to make it back to WWE

Megan Elice Meadows

With WWE on track to lose a lot of money this year -- possibly as high as over $50 million -- budget cuts became a necessity. Sadly, that meant a number of wrestlers lost their job, including 3MB member and former chosen one, Drew McIntyre.

He was shocked by the departure, as he noted here, but he's since vowed to make his return. From an interview with The Daily Record:

"I have an opportunity to be the biggest wrestler outside of the WWE and I won't be happy unless I'm a big brand. It's not a case of if I'll be back with the WWE, it's a case of when."

And about the incident with Taryn Terrell that may have cost him everything?

"There are always behind-the-scenes politics in any job. I pride myself on being a nice guy and hope the things that have been blown way out of proportion didn't hurt me and my career. A lot of what you hear and see on the internet is nonsense."

McIntyre was reportedly an early favorite of Vince McMahon, earmarked to be the next big star in the company. He was given a monster push that he almost certainly wasn't ready for, the audience never quite accepted him, and then the domestic violence incident with Terrell happened. The two got into a scuffle at a hotel in Los Angeles and she was arrested, leading to her release. She would go on to make disparaging remarks about WWE publicly and the long held belief is that McIntyre was made to pay for those sins.

Past is prologue.

Although he may never reach the heights WWE had hopes he would, it's obvious McIntyre is a talented wrestler with a lot to offer. If and when business picks back up, don't be surprised to see him back.

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