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Nikki Bella wants to do a storyline with John Cena on WWE TV before she retires

Nikki Bella did an interview with Digital Spya and was asked about sharing screen time with John Cena, both on Total Divas and possibly on WWE programming in storyline, and had the following response:

"For right now, I like how it's different. I think that's what makes Total Divas so unique and special - that's where you get to see John and I. You don't see us [together] on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown, or Main Event, you see us only on Total Divas. I really like that because you see us a few times backstage, which is cool, and you see us on the tour bus, but you really get to see us at home. You get to see how we live at home, how we love each other, how normal we are, how we go through thick and thin and through trials and tribulations in a relationship, just like normal people. You can see what an amazing man he is. John truly is such a romantic, he really is, and he's so amazing. I like how you get to see that, but before I have to retire because my body is like, 'No more wrestling', I definitely want to do a storyline with John on WWE TV. 100% I think we would have so much fun. I think of when I'm out there with Brie and we have so much fun! I love it! When you're out there with girls you like and love too. It's fun. It's such an addiction. Definitely before the body retires, I would love to do something with John."

There's a whole lot more, so I encourage you to click here to read the rest.

It is interesting, at least, that WWE has steadfastly refused to involve Nikki with Cena on any of its television shows outside of Total Divas. Then again, the only relationship they've acknowledged so far is Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, who were married shortly after Bryan won the WWE world heavyweight championship at WrestleMania 30.

Of course, they had to find a way to explain his week long absence while the two went on their honeymoon.

Cena is now world heavyweight champion and Nikki is paying for her sister's sins in current storylines. What's curious is the fact that both have run afoul of The Authority but there has been no indication their relationship will be acknowledged anytime soon.

But Nikki wants it to happen eventually.

Do you?

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